About this Site

This website is created by JEC employees.

The photographs used in this website (excluding product images) are taken by JEC employees.


JEC Photo Gallery contains photographs taken by JEC employees, families and OBs.

We have 4 main themes and 1 special theme for each volume.

The best photo will be chosen and awarded among employees and photographers in the near future.

Please note that all rights of the photographs shown in JEC Photo Gallery are reserved to the photographer.

JEC Photo Gallery Main Theme
Nature Plants, insects, mountains, rivers, ocean...
City/Town (Buildings and Structures) City view, buildings, bridges, famous structures...
Vehicles Trains, cars, airplanes, ships...
Seasons Seasonal photos

Photo GallerySpecial Theme
 Vol.00 MAR 2010 Seasons around JEC
 Vol.01 OCT 2010 Tokyo Tower/Tokyo Sky Tree
 Vol.02 DEC 2010 Animals
 Vol.03 FEB 2011 Sky
 Vol.04 APR 2011 Flowers/Insects
 Vol.05 JUN 2011 Ocean/Mountains
 Vol.06 AUG 2011 Night View
 Vol.07 NOV 2011 Gourmet
 Vol.08 FEB 2012 Japanese Scenery
 Vol.09 MAY 2012*NEW* Free Theme(Final Vol.)

JEC Photo Gallery, Photo Award 2012

JEC Photo Gallery, Best Photo Award 2011 "The Sky in Summer"


Best Photo Award 2011 was selected from JEC Photo Gallery Vol.1 to Vol.3, and Photo Award 2012 was selected from Vol.4 to Vol.9.